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Want to learn more? Check out our frequently asked questions below. 

If you still want to learn more, drop us a line. We're here to help.

What construction services does SPS offer?

We offer everything from substructure planning and construction (surveying, pre-drilling, etc.), to the structure design, construction, erection, and squaring, so it is ready for solar module installation. We can accommodate any kind of solar structure: solar carports, solar canopies, solar car shelters, solar parking space covers, and more.

What are SPS' delivery times?

Once the purchase order and deposit have been received by our team, then we hand it to our trusted partners to start on the engineering. This typically takes between 8-14 weeks from start to finish. An exception to this is for intricate projects that require more engineering at the start.

Do SPS structures hold up in sandy soils?

We have designed our structures specifically to work in sandy soils. Helical Pile Solutions are our substructures partners and they ensure stability in any kind of soil. Unexpected underground objects (boulders, utility infrastructure, etc.) are another common obstacle that we can work around. Hear an example about how we handle these situations in our dedicated substructures webinar here.

Do SPS structures accommodate all kinds of  solar modules?

We are UL-2703 certified, which requires solar modules to be attached to the structure rails for safety. This certification accommodates a number of manufacturers, including Hanwha, Jinko, Bauer, LONGi and Canadian Solar. We have a wide selection, and can guide you to the ideal module for your project. We are also open to working with other manufacturers where possible, simply let us know your preference.

How about bifacial modules?

Yes, we have designed our solar structures specifically to handle bifacial modules, with modules running in landscape, parallel with the frame. We have done this not only for structural integrity, but also to allow for the maximum solar harvest, by not shading the underside of the module.

What do I get out of a solar structure?

Our sturdy, stand-alone structures mean that you can turn an under-utilized space into an asset. A solar carport or solar parking space shelter keeps heat out in the summer, and snow or hail out in the winter. Solar structures also easily integrate with EV charging stations and batteries.

They also provide digital advertising opportunities: the columns are set up perfectly for digital advertising boards. This means that solar structures can help you generate revenue, round out your portfolio, or get to net-zero on your site.

Whatever your goals are, we are here to help!

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