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About Us

Canada's Leaders in Solar Structures

Sunport Structures was established with the goal of producing industry-leading, innovative solar solutions at an affordable price. Our solar structures drive the triple bottom line and have a cost-competitive edge.

No matter the size or structure, we've got you covered with a reliable, green solution to fit your needs.

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Our Story

Formerly known as Ironcor Solar Structures, we were founded in 2016 in Calgary, at the dawn of Canada's solar carport industry. We have slowly grown from producing small bespoke structures to producing Canada's largest solar carport, which has a generation capacity of 1.6 MW. We have a range of projects spanning North America, from solar parking lots to solar canopies. In total, our projects exceed 5 MW generation capacity.


Newly rebranded as Sunport Structures, we are committed to working with you to create reliable solar structures that reduce emissions, withstand the elements, protect your assets, and maximize your space. 

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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